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These cuties successfully bred at the end of October. We welcomed 4 gorgeous babies on December 30th. 2 boys and 2 girls. Because of my waiting list these cuties are all spoken for.  Check out their pics below. If you like what you see you are more than welcome to get onto the waiting list for a future litter.

***Keep scrolling to find out when Snickers Sarotti is due and our sweet Vienna Lucille. 

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This beautiful longhair English Cream will be joining the Fenstermaker/Kubelus Family! Her new name is Bechamel!


This handsome dude is Hercules. He is a smooth coat American Cream.


This gorgeous girl is a smooth coat chocolate and cream and I’m thrilled to announce that she will be a future dam for Home on the Farm! Everyone meet Keschde! The word keschde is Pennsylvania Dutch for chestnut. We love our Pa Dutch roots so this has a very special meaning to us. 


Lastly, I’d like you to meet the handsome smooth coat Reverse Chocolate and Tan Dapple Rubble!  He will be joining Liz Domday at My Little Dachshund Heaven and will be an amazing future stud.  This guy is going to make some beautiful babies!


****My Snickers is due February 23, 2019. She was bred successfully to the handsome Baxter and both longhair and smooth coat are expected.  Colors will most likely be chocolate and tan like Snickers and black and tan like Baxter. 

****We are patiently waiting for Vienna Lucille to come into heat. Could be any day so stay tuned!  She will be bred with Kobe.  He is a stunning longhair chocolate with green eyes. He belongs to Liz Domday from My Little Dachshund Heaven. This will be an all longhair litter.  If we are blessed with babies I am very excited to see what these 2 produce.